Best of TED 2011 – 18 Ideas Shaping 2012 – A countdown

A Countdown of 18 groundbreaking ideas to reshape the world in 2012!

Many change agents have been commenting in full force in response to TED and The Huffington Post’s year-end collaboration to bring you 18 ideas that will shape 2012.

In this special year-end collaboration,TED and The Huffington Post are excited to count down 18 great ideas of 2011, featuring the full TEDTalk with original blog posts that they think will shape 2012.

Standby, the countdown is underway!

The countdown until now:

18 –> Kevin Slavin: How Algorithms Shape Our World

17–>  Kathryn Schulz On Regret (Premiere)

16 –> Deb Roy: The Birth Of A Word

15–>  Sebastian Thrun: Google’s Driverless Car

14–>  Rebecca MacKinnon: Let’s Take Back The Internet!

13–>  Naomi Klein: Addicted To Risk

12–> Graham Hill: Less Stuff, More Happiness




If you haven’t yet seen the engaging conversations on The Huffington Post, head over and get involved.

This platform allows you to engage in rigorous debate, share your personal experiences with other users and offer constructive criticism for the future of these ideas.

Watch, engage and share these groundbreaking ideas as they are unveiled one-by-one, including never-seen-before TEDTalk premieres.

Sources: TED Blog, The Huffington Post


Announcing the 2012 TED Prize Winner – The City 2.0

What is the TED Prize?

The TED Prize is awarded annually to an exceptional individual who receives $100,000 and, much more important, “One Wish to Change the World.” Designed to leverage the TED community’s exceptional array of talent and resources, the Prize leads to collaborative initiatives with far-reaching impact.

An idea takes the TED Prize…

This year, the TED Prize is going in an exciting and different direction. Rather than granting the Prize to a single person, we’re giving it to an idea: the City 2.0.

This year, we’re challenging everyone in the TED Community to embrace radical collaboration on one of the most pressing issues we face: how to build sustainable, vibrant, working cities.

The City 2.0 is the city of the future… a future in which more than ten billion people on planet Earth must somehow live sustainably.

The City 2.0 is not a sterile utopian dream, but a real-world upgrade tapping into humanity’s collective wisdom.

The City 2.0 promotes innovation, education, culture, and economic opportunity.

The City 2.0 reduces the carbon footprint of its occupants, facilitates smaller families, and eases the environmental pressure on the world’s rural areas.

The City 2.0 is a place of beauty, wonder, excitement, inclusion, diversity, life.

The City 2.0 is the city that works.

The TED Prize grants its winner $100,000 and “one wish to change the world.”   How will this prize be accepted on behalf of the City 2.0? Through visionary individuals around the world who are advocating on its behalf.

We are listening to them and giving them the opportunity to collectively craft a wish. A wish capable of igniting a massive collaborative project among the members of the global TED community, and indeed all who care about our planet’s future.

The wish will be unveiled on February 29, 2012 at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California. On a Leap Year date, we have a chance, collectively, to take a giant leap forward.

Read more and get the latest news and updates through TEDPrize website

Source: TEDPrize