“Ex-smokers are Unstoppable” campaign

… an initiative of the European Commission…

A useful tool to help you quit smoking and stay away from it later on.

What is the “Ex-smokers are Unstoppable” campaign?

“Ex-smokers are unstoppable” is the new 3 year awareness raising campaign promoted by the European Commission. The campaign aims to provide smokers with motivation to quit and – very importantly – with practical help. It celebrates ex-smokers and portrays them as inspiring role models to encourage current smokers to quit.

What are the campaign’s objectives?

The campaign aims to highlight the positive benefits of giving up smoking and to encourage and assist people to quit. Along with other preventive measures at the European and national levels, the campaign seeks to contribute to ensuring that new generations live longer and healthier lives in a smoke-free Europe.

What makes this campaign unique?

The approach of the “Ex-smokers are Unstoppable” campaign is unique in so far as it does not just focus on the negative effects of smoking like traditional campaigns do. Rather, it emphasises the benefits of quitting the habit and highlights the inspirational achievements of ex-smokers to motivate smokers to stop.

In addition, it actually provides smokers with practical help with quitting, through the innovative iCoach tool.

What is special about the iCoach?

The iCoach is an online health coach that helps people quit smoking at their own pace. It is free and will be available in all EU languages. The iCoach works by analysing the smoking habits of its participants and provides tailored advice on a daily basis. Smokers seeking to quit can use its numerous interactive tools, such as a diary to monitor daily progress and mini-tests. At the end of each month, iCoach compiles a report which provides feedback on the user’s progress as well as additional advice to facilitate process and encourage the user to quit smoking for good.

Where can I find out more?

On the “Ex-smokers are unstoppable” website, available in all EU languages: www.exsmokers.eu



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