Peace Innovation Lab @ Stanford University

What is PI Lab?

The Peace Innovation Lab is an initiative from Stanford’s Persuasive Tech Lab and was launched in Spring 2010.

The PI Lab is conducts research in innovation, mass collaboration, persuasive technologies & the potential of social networks to promote new paths to global peace.

What is Peace Dot?

The Peace Innovation project started with Peace Dot. The goal of Peace Dot is simple: persuade any individual, organization or corporation with a website to create a peace subdomain that spotlights what they are doing to help promote peace in the world.

“The Peace Dot idea is simple: Orgs set up a subdomain at At that page orgs share their work. At Stanford, we gather Peace Dot pages into a directory.”

So far, over 50 sites ranging from Facebook to the Dalai Lama FoundationKhan Academy to CouchSurfing, in multiple languages have created peace dot pages around the world.

Peace Dot Directory


Create a page for Peace Dot!

Is your company or organization creating more peace in the world?

If so, create a Peace Dot page and add it to the directory. In this way, more people will learn about your work and be inspired. You’ll also open doors to collaborations and new opportunities.

To create your Peace Dot page, first create a “peace” subdomain. Next, post content to that page. Then let the Stanford team know about your page by using the form found on Peace Dot website.

To find out more about Peace Innovation Lab, Peace Dot and more past projects, visit the following websites:

Peace Innovation Lab website

Peace Dot website

Peace Innovation Facebook Page

Peace Dot Facebook Page


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