GOOD 025: The Next Big Thing

GOOD Magazine Issue 025/Winter 2011

The winter issue features a fascinating cast of characters, from Chinese bachelors to Mormon bloggers to porn heartthrobs to education innovators to tweeting astrologists.

It’s all about what’s next.

This year, people across northern Africa and the Middle East rose up in protest. What’s next? A European migration crisis as Africans move north in search of more stability and prosperity.

This year, a wine bar opened on your corner. What’s next? The term of art is “neighborhood change,” not “gentrification.”

This year, specialty coffee got big. What’s next? A tempest in a latte cup, as climate change depresses crop yields and demand for high-end beans skyrockets.

This year, we watched Congress grind to a partisan halt. What’s next? Look to cities, where mayors have some of the toughest jobs in politics—but also the most opportunities.

The Next Big Thing issue also features The GOOD 100, our list of the people, things, and ideas we’re betting on.

GOOD 025: The Next Big Thing


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